Sunday, January 1, 2012

About my book

Baghdad Butcher is the first book of a nine-book "Janitors" series. (The team--formed at the end of this book--which does off-the-books [black bag] jobs directly for the President--doesn't actually pick up the name "Janitors" until the second book.) Most of the main "good guys" characters in all nine books have military backgrounds, with a few still active-duty military personnel included. The time frame of the series runs from approximately nine months prior to the 9/11 Islamic terrorists' attack through the next seven plus years. The remaining books of the series should be released at this site within the year. Please see 'Excerpt' and two short "Attaboys" below. "Can you drive a tank?" " of the fun things I got to do in the Marines. I wasn't real good at it, so they put me to doing other things, but, yes, I can drive one." "A Russian one?" "I hope so." "Jim, that is not the answer I was looking for." "So I'll steal a tank and a driver." "Oh, yes. That's a good idea. 'Ah, Mister Tank Driver, Sir, would you please block that road over there so my companions and I can get on with the business of killing Saddam.' I can see it now, 'Jew roasted on spit for helping madman American in crazy plot.' I would like to see Tel Aviv again--and not from Heaven. From right down here on Earth." "Baghdad Butcher has it all...I thoroughly enjoyed every page from the first to the last." Gene Culver, USN 1952-1956 "Clancy without all the extra words"Marty Meagher, Staff Sgt. US Army, 1943-1946